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Emily Deatrich

Dr. Sun,

The information presented in your class and book challenged me and urged me to research more about each topic we covered. I'm unfamiliar with the topic but was given the chance to learn more with your guidance. The textbook covers theories that we were able to apply to current events during the class. The discussion boards offered interesting perspectives from each classmate, guest speaker and yourself to open my eyes more and more on a very debatable topic.
Thank you!

March 9 2015 (3333) e

Karen Rodriguez

Dr. Suns book was impressive. Not only did I learn more on the subjects I already knew about, but I also gained some knowledge and insight on topics I was not familiar with. As a communications major this book was extremely beneficial to my education. I learned about many things such as the Global village, the information state, and the public sphere. Most importantly I learned about how this all relates to our book Internet policy in China by Helen Sun. It is interesting to see a field of study on Internet cafes. The environment of an Internet cafe as well as its regulations and interaction with the state. Before this I had not heard of Sandra Braman,Lawrence Lesig, and Jürgen Habermas. Through their theories I learned so much important information concerning the world of communications. I even had the opportunity to write a paper on the German theorist, Jürgen Habermas. Overall I was fortunate to have taken a online course in which the book used was written by our own professor. I applaud Dr. Sun as I had the pleasure to read her outstanding book.

March 9 2015 (3332) e

Kaylie Davis

Dr. Sun,
I enjoyed your book very much. I never knew the in depth details as to what has and does go on in China regarding the Internet and how it differs so vastly from the United States. I learned a lot from it and am glad that I had the chance to read it.

March 9 2015 (3331) e

Lori Schmidtke


I also was intrigued with the theory of Panspectron as developed by Dr. Sandra Braman. It is fascinating, though somewhat eery, to consider that such a massive amount of information can be collected and stored about millions of individuals by governments and/or corporation, for their future use/referral. Learning about China's activism within such and their use of acquired information to determine whom to allow to their sponsored Olympic games was disappointing. It certainly defies the tradition of the Olympics for certain competitors to not be allowed to compete based on their personal moral/ethical beliefs or political/religious associations. The Chinese-sponsored Olympic games appeared not to have any significant problems according to what I read in newspapers and online. So, to learn from Dr. Sun's book that I merely intercepted exactly what the Chinese government wanted me to view and that actual competitors may have been excluded due to differing beliefs with the CCP, is eye-opening. I did not trust the media before such, but now I understand to a new level how much manipulation can be made even for very large public events.
-Lori Schmidtke

March 9 2015 (3330) e

Amanda Giles


The book you've composed gives great insight on the Internet Policies in China. It was thorough and easy to understand! I gained an abundance of useful information to keep in mind while using the internet! Overall I enjoyed the read, and will add this book to my library!

March 9 2015 (3329) e

Peter Arduini

Dr. Sun,
I enjoyed reading your book. The knowledge that I gained has allowed me to look at China, and the United States, with a new perspective in regards to the freedoms that should exist for open communication.

March 8 2015 (3328) e

Tiffany Vasquez


I really enjoyed taking the Internet Policy class this semester. The book was a great book and I enjoyed reading and learing about all the subjects. Internet Policy in China: A field study of Internet cafes was a great read, the small tests and discussions helped me with understaning the material fully. Our first paper was interesting, Panspectron was an interesting topic to talk about. Public sphere was another good subject. The The public sphere is an area in social life where individuals can come together to freely discuss and identify societal problems, and through that discussion influence political action. Society should always be able to come together and freely discuss important topics and work through problems.

Tiffany Vasquez
COMM 3389 Internet Policy Spring 2015

March 8 2015 (3327) e

Robert Cantu

The book Internet Policy in China was not actually at an all interest for me. When taking Mrs. Suns class I found each chapter very interesting. My favorite example was the panspectron and how it was used in the Olympic games. It game me an insight how China did not want any negativity about them on any time of media besides being positive. Gave me a chance to see the behind the scene. Overall, this book is very good and glad I was able to witness each chapter!

Robert A Cantu
COMM 3389 Spring

March 7 2015 (3326) e

Michelle Uranga

I really enjoyed reading your book and learning about how different China is not only with the internet, but also their history and their beautiful culture. It's very surprising to see that something so general in our culture like the internet, is very restricted in other countries such as China. Or that they didn't have phones or televisions for the general public up until recent years. Things that are often taken for granted in other countries such as the United States. Thank you for all the internet theories in your book, Lawrence Lessig and Sandra Braman will forever be in my mind.

March 6 2015 (3325) e

Mary Margaret Peterson

Your book was an interesting read for me because although we hear about the extreme control over the Internet in China, we don't have much experience with to compare the differences. Even though I occasionally speak with a Chinese student (living in China)online and shop from Taobao and the like, on the surface Chinese Internet seems entirely capitalistic. I cannot read Chinese, so I can't read news outlets in Chinese but I had little idea of the extent of government control over the people's political freedom. Your book was an eye-opening read for me, thank you.
Mary Margaret Peterson

March 6 2015 (3324) e

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